About Me

Hi, I’m Kareem! I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt and moved to the States at 20 years old. After doing some traveling and getting a glimpse of the world, I realized that I see the world differently and have a great appreciation for people and my surroundings.


I’ve been obsessed with photography from a young age, and after doing some self discovery realized that I had a gift to share with the world through the art of photography. The more I experience the more I realize I have to discover and share with others. I have an endless fascination with improvement, learning, and life. I hope to capture that sense of wonder and mystery in my photography, regardless of the project.

There are so many ways people can live, there are so many ways to express yourself, but there’s a reason why they say a picture is worth a thousand words.


“Language is something unfinished within us.”

-Terence McKenna